Professional Packing Moving Truck Rentals

moving truck rentals

Renting a moving truck rental basically means hiring some moving space where you can have your luggage packed. It is up to you to decide what capacity you are going to utilize. What remains constant is the price agree upon. Whether the truck goes half empty, payment is the same as when it is fully loaded. How you pack the luggage determines the space utilized. This situation calls for professional packing. Moving help services are personnel who can give aid in this area. Where your move is DIY, though, you will have to act the professor. Learn your profession with these tips.

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Significant items go first

Large items like furniture cannot be squeezed in after the truck is full. You definitely have to make them the VIPs. They need to be given the priority of being the first and take on space. You can then be left with the smaller items that can be squeezed into spaces left after the big boys are comfortable. This theory applies where there is a significant disparity of items where you have packed the items in boxes, packing is much more comfortable. It is even much easier where the boxes are identical. You can just pack them from the floor up to the ceiling and fasten each row.

Make sure the weight is evenly distributed

This is the theory of forces. Stability is the topic of study here. You have to ensure that the luggage is arranged in such a way that an avalanche is prevented—more massive boxes to be at the bottom and the light ones at the top. Remember the center of gravity theory back in high school. Some have never applied it anywhere. Here is the place where you need to bring it forth. You will simply be doing your packing and unpacking much easier. Most importantly, any accidents that could have resulted from imbalances when negotiating sharp corners will be avoided. 

Dismantle the flexible assets

When items are loaded into a moving truck rental as a whole, they take up a lot of space. The object remains to have your three-bedroom house fit inside a truck, probably smaller. This challenge can only be beaten if you can squash some items to be their smallest form. These are many. Consider the beds and shelves. Some that are intact like the tables can be packed facing downwards to create more space above them.

Let the couches stand

If you let the couches lie down, they will take their comfort limits. That’s much more than when they are standing. This works where the truck height is sufficient for a sofa to be packed vertically. Most trucks meet this standard. It is even better if you find them a corner position.

Combining these tasks with the use of straps and bookshelves, you definitely become a complete expert in packing. You will barely need moving help. And where you consider them, you will give relevant instructions for adequate packing.

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Best Deals Commercial Moving in Queens NY

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is a standard service of Moving Companies Queens. Our Queens New york commercial movers are experienced and equipped to handle your upcoming office relocation. Our signature blend of speed and efficiency is intended to maximize the value of service. We do what other commercial moving companies do not; we work our very best to provide the ideal commercial moving experience for the best price.

A commercial moving company with high-quality office movers! Our commercial movers are equipped and experienced, ready to complete your office relocation.

Our Queens NY commercial moving company offers an array of office moving services for New York City businesses of all sizes and types. Packing services, preparation, assembly, padding, packaging, transport, and more are services that we offer to customers at extremely competitive prices. Call for more information about our office and commercial moving services in New York.

Professional Commercial Movers in Queens, New York

For many years Moving Companies Queens in New York has excelled in providing commercial moving, furniture installation and other services to local companies and governmental agencies of all sizes throughout New York.

Our team’s top priority is to meet our client’s needs to ensure an efficient and painless relocation, installation, or related services experience. Our experienced project managers, drivers, supervisors and movers work together with our local operations team to create a strategic plan and execute it according to your needs to ensure your project is completed without any headaches. Our team’s expertise and experience enable us to be flexible and provide solutions quickly and effectively should any unexpected circumstances arise throughout your move.

What Makes Moving Companies Queens the Best Commercial Moving Company in New York?

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Extreme Privacy

We understand that commercial moving often requires the relocation of private or sensitive documents. Each and every one of our commercial moving professionals must sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure our commercial clients’ privacy. Our movers don’t ask questions and they don’t share information. 

Proper Packing and Unpacking

Your items are valuable to you, and therefore they are valuable to us. We treat your desks and other office furniture as if it were our grandmother’s beautiful things. Our commercial movers are trained to use the proper padding and cushion materials to avoid any form of breakage. We are also fully bonded and insured. 

Perfect Tear-Down and Setup

We will disassemble and reassemble your office furniture and fixtures perfectly. Before we load our trucks, one of our commercial moving team members will create a blueprint of your office space to ensure that we put everything back together precisely as is before the move. 

Flexible Move Times

We know that your business doesn’t stop during a commercial move. At Moving Companies Queens, we offer flexible move times including night moves, so that your business doesn’t have to miss a beat. Imagine leaving your old office at 5 pm and going to your new office (that’s fully set up) the following morning. 


We pride ourselves on being on time for your office move. Our commercial moving team is incentivized to meet our pre-set time guidelines for moves. You can depend on Moving Companies Queens to get your Queens Commercial Move completed in the length of time we quote.

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Moving a piano: Simplifying a Complicated Move

Moving a piano

Moving Piano’s Isn’t an Easy Task

For most people without a piano in their house, moving a piano sounds like an easy enough task. However, those who have moved pianos before know just how big a challenge it can be. Even to the experienced movers, this task can prove to be daunting and risky.

Piano moving is usually tricky because pianos are very heavy, with a grand piano weighing as much as 1200lbs. This makes them hard to lift. They are also delicate, and even the smallest of knocks or drops can lead to damage, which can be very expensive to fix.

For most people, hiring a moving company is their solution. However, some choose to do it themselves, even those who can’t afford a moving company.

The Preliminaries

Needless to say, the task of piano moving is one that can’t be handled by a single person. The first step is thus getting at least two people to assist you in moving or even more depending on the weight of your piano. A grand piano may require as many as six movers.

Another crucial requirement is a piano moving board. This is a secure base which eases the piano moving process significantly. They can hold your straps securely around your piano. They are then rolled onto a dolly, which makes the whole process easy and convenient.

You’ll also need to have a dolly for moving the piano. A four-wheel dolly is sufficient for this task. You’ll also need furniture straps to hold the piano in place.

To protect the piano from any internal or external damage, it is advisable to wrap the piano in a suitable cloth that will cover the whole piano and using tape to hold it in place.

The Process of Moving a Piano

The process of moving your piano begins by lifting it and placing it on the piano board and loading it onto the dolly. This is the most strenuous activity as it requires everyone to use every ounce of strength they have. This process requires not just the use of strength but also coordination between the movers. If one of the movers lifts after the others, he may end up banging the piano, thereby damaging it.

When the piano is lifted, one of the movers who is not lifting should slide the dolly underneath the piano. The piano must remain in an upright position during this stage, as tilting may lead to injury to the lifters or the piano itself.

The dolly makes the piano moving process very easy because it significantly reduces the weight of the piano. Once mounted on the dolly, the strength required is only a small fraction compared to moving it without. The strength is only used to control the movement.

Moving a piano: Simplifying a Complicated Move 2

In cases where the piano is being moved between rooms in the same house, ensure the room is cleared and the area it’s being moved to is clearly designated. The path to be used should be cleared of any obstacles that can tamper with the process. If there is a carpet on the floor, it is advisable to remove it beforehand for a more effortless movement of the dolly.

Inter-House Piano Moving

Moving from one house to another can be tedious for piano owners. However, with the right preparations, this process can be easy and stress-free. As with moving a piano between rooms, a piano board and a dolly is a necessity. Once safely mounted on the dolly, the moving process begins.
In cases where there exist one or two steps, then one can manage to maneuver with the help of the movers. However, if more than five steps are involved, one should seek a professional moving company.

Once the piano has been moved onto the moving truck, another important step of loading it onto the truck begins. While moving the piano on flat ground using a dolly is relatively easy as much of the weight of the piano is transferred onto the dolly, moving it up a ramp is quite different. Much of the piano’s weight is transferred onto the lower end of the ramp. With this in mind, in a group of four movers. Three should be on the lower side to support the weight, which is worsened by the weight of gravity, while one stays on the upper side of the ramp and pulls as he also dictates the direction. The lighter side of the piano should always go up first.

Once inside the truck, the piano should be unloaded from the dolly. This is important as moving the piano on a truck while on the dolly may cause some serious, sometimes even irreparable damage. This is because as the truck moves, the dolly moves as well, leading to the piano hitting the sides of the truck or colliding with the other items being moved.

When in the truck, the keyboard side of a piano should always face the truck’s wall. This ensures that in the unfortunate event that the piano gets accidentally scrapped, it only happens to the piano’s backside, which does not interfere with the piano’s finish or its sound quality. The keyboard side of a piano is protected by its pad from any scraping damage.

Loading Your Piano in a Truck

Once in the truck, a piano should always be securely strapped to the truck’s wall. Double strapping or even triple strapping is recommended. If one is moving other items, the piano should be the first item to be loaded onto the truck and the last to be offloaded. The same care applied during the loading process must be replicated during the offloading process to prevent any damage or injury.

After you get to their destination and sets the piano on its new spot, you are likely to notice that it’s out of tune following the movement. This is an expected development that occurs due to the distortion incurred during the moving process and the new conditions of the new environment. Unless some serious damage occurred during the moving process, then in a month or so, you should tune it, and it will be as good as it was before moving. In case your piano is still out of tune for longer than expected, it is advisable to have an expert’s opinion.

Daunting and stressful as piano moving has been known to be, if one follows the above recommendations, then the process will be easy, efficient and stress-free.

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3 Ultimate Things You Need On Moving day

Moving day

Most people often feel a little anxious and stressed out on moving day. That is perfectly normal because moving is considered one of the harder things to deal with in life. The average individuals move once every five years. You may have come across some horror stories from people you know. The secret to avoiding a bad experience is to hire the right local movers that will best suit your moving needs.

Below are the Top 3 Things to Do for Your Upcoming Moving day

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1. Go through the process of hiring a moving company by doing as much research as you can before moving day arrives. What you mainly expect to find in a reliable and reputable moving company is a solid, efficient crew that arrives at your door on moving day. Do your research about your local movers by visiting the Better Business Bureau. There you will find information about local movers that specialize in your specific needs. Whether you need piano movers or furniture movers, the BBB will aid you in your search. They will let you know if your local movers are an accredited business. If you live in a big city, then you would want to narrow your search to local movers to lower your overall drive time distance and aid with the total moving price.

2. Gather packing supplies that you will need for your move. Moving supplies consist of; all different sized moving boxes, moving tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, newspaper, markers, and labels. You can look into your local supermarket or warehouses to obtain free moving boxes. You can also purchase moving supplies in bulk from your local moving company to lower your overall moving cost.

3. Now that you have obtained your moving supplies, you should start packing your belongings about a day or 2 (depending on the number of things that need packing) before your moving day. Begin with packing the items you do not use on a daily basis. When you are packing, be sure that your fragile items are marked correctly to avoid any damage. Use your markers and labels to mark each moving box accordingly. This will speed along the moving process and the unpacking process so your overall moving price will be lowered when your house movers arrive.

Today, being among the final days before the arrival of your move, you should start going through your moving inventory list. Now is the time to start packing the items that you do use on a daily basis. Set aside items that you will need the right way. You will need driving directions, phone chargers, wallet, and your bathroom supplies.
The moving company will want to receive payment before, and after (down payments), your move is completed, and you do not want to allow the hourly rate to be higher than it needs to be. Start planning in advance before the moving day and your stress level will be under control. It is all in the planning process. Follow these 3 Things to do today for your upcoming move to allow your progress to flow with fewer problems.

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Choosing Moving Packing Supplies The Right Way (Finally!)

queens moving supplies

Choosing Good Moving Packing Supplies

After you have made up your mind for making a move, your next step involves choosing good moving packing supplies for packing your valuables. You can purchase them from an office supply store, a mail service store, a local moving retailer. However, if you ask me, I would suggest you to take the help of online resources when it comes to choosing moving supplies online. With so many websites available, you can compare the prices put forward by different moving companies prior to opting for the best one! Here you can also find the packing supplies for packing your special appliances that may not be available at your local retail store.

queens moving supplies

Your Moving Supply Company in Queens NY

Now, what are the things that you need to take into consideration, or rather what are the essential moving packing supplies that will help make your move a simpler one?

Check out the suggestions when it comes to choosing as well as using packing supplies:

The first step involves choosing good moving boxes. Most of us often compromise when it comes to buying moving boxes. We may simply go to our nearby grocery shop or liquor shop and bring boxes from there. But these boxes often fail to withstand the heavyweight of your appliances.

Hence, while choosing boxes, remember check whether you will be able to transport the moving boxes easily or not. Opt for smaller boxes when it comes to loading heavy appliances and books and larger boxes when it comes to loading your clothing and linens.

  • Don’t use newsprint for wrapping items as the ink may transfer and stain. Instead try using a plain and clean butcher/wrapping paper, thin foam sheets, good paper towels for your inexpensive appliances, and bubble wrap for your valued breakables.
  • Estimate the amount of tape you will require for securing the tops as well as bottoms of the moving boxes.
  • Purchase glass pack and dish pack kits that come with foam pockets and cardboard dividers and make you’re packing a simpler venture. You can visit the local houseware retailers for purchasing fabric-based dish storage boxes.
  • Don’t overload the boxes as if you do so, you may find it difficult to shift them from destination to the other.
  • You can purchase rolls of shrink wraps for wrapping appliances, cabinets, desks, and dressers for keeping your doors and drawers shut. You can remove the shrink wrap after you have relocated to the new destination.
  • Purchase sofa covers and mattress covers for packing your sofa and mattress.

Don’t keep the plastic covers sealed for a prolonged period of time as it may accumulate moisture on it, thereby promoting the growth of mildew and mold. You can instead opt for a canvas sheet or tarp for this purpose.

Storage facilities as well as packing supply shops provide a varied collection of packing supplies, locks, boxes, covers as well as other handy appliances. go for these moving packing supplies to solve your moving and of course packing problems to a considerable extent.

Moving Company Study Says The Old And Wealthy Are Moving In

Moving Company Study Says The Old And Wealthy Are Moving In

One popular moving business states the majority of its consumers are getting in– not leaving– the Green Mountain State.

United Van Lines has actually as soon as again examined who is utilizing its moving services, and where they are relocating to, and has actually determined a variety of patterns about Vermont.

In specific, consumers transferring to Vermont are primarily older, rich retirement-aged individuals. Vermont is consistently noted amongst the leading 10 states with the earliest populations.

According to the business’s 2019 National Movers Study, Vermont is the only state with a higher than 70 percent in-bound rate, suggesting 7 out of 10 movers are going into the state versus heading in other places. It has actually accomplished this 2 years in a row, with 72.7 incoming portions in 2015 and 74.3 percent for this year.

Vermont’s incoming portion has actually increased every year considering that United Van Lines started gathering this information in 2013 when Vermont’s incoming portion was 52.6 percent. The research study likewise explains that Vermont’s overall population has actually stayed fairly the same recently.

Moving Company Study Says The Old And Wealthy Are Moving In

Observations from the information consist of Vermont migration demographics are altering and growing older.

According to the report, 37.5 percent of those transferring to the state are 65-years or older; 25 percent are between the ages of 55 to 64, and 25 percent are between the ages of 45 and 54. Simply 12.5 percent remain in the ages 35-44 age bracket. Clients listed below 35 did not utilize the moving service enough to appear in the information.

Some individuals likewise utilize the moving business to leave the state. For the age that is leaving Vermont, 33 percent are age 65 or older, 17 percent are between ages of 55 and 64, 33 percent are aged 45 to 54, and 17 percent are between ages 34 and 45.

The research study likewise notes why individuals are reoccurring. The leading factor offered for why United Van Lines consumers are relocating to Vermont is “household,” at 40 percent. Next is “way of life,” at 32 percent. The 3rd primary factor individuals are relocating is retirement, at 28 percent. Work and health were likewise mentioned, at 16 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

For clients who left Vermont, the leading factor pointed out for leaving was work– pointed out by 50 percent. Other factors consist of household and retirement.

The research study likewise offers the earnings levels of those who are coming. Some 31.25 percent are making a minimum of $150,000 annually; 25 percent make in between $100,000 and $149,000; 18.75 percent make in between $75,000 and $99,999, 6.25 percent make in between $50,000 and $74,999, and 18.75 percent earn less than $50,000.

Moving Company Study Says The Old And Wealthy Are Moving In 4

Amongst those who are leaving, it’s likewise mainly rich people. The information reveals 66.67 percent make over $150,000, and 33.33 percent make in between $100,000 and $149,999.

Somewhere else in the nation, Idaho follows Vermont as the No. 2 most popular moving location, at 67.4 percent incoming traffic. Next was Oregon at 65.7 percent, followed by Arizona at 63.2 percent, South Carolina at 61.8 percent and Washington at 59.5 percent.

Leading states with outgoing relocations consist of New Jersey, at 68.5 percent; Illinois, at 66.5 percent; New York, at 63.1 percent; Connecticut, at 63 percent; and Kansas, at 58.5 percent.

United Van Lines does not try to evaluate overall population patterns in and out states. The business is various from a few of its rivals because it provides packaging and loading, unlike the self-move services like U-Haul.

The idea that rich people are transferring to Vermont strengthens the view that the expense of living is pressing out lower- and middle-class homeowners while the abundant are sitting tight.

Save Your Valuable Time With Local Moving Companies

Save Your Valuable Time With Local Moving Companies

Find A Trusted Local Moving Company

Local moving business are best for conserving consumer’s time but it is important to choose the best local movers. Local movers are constantly information oriented but more significantly they assist in saving valuable time. They can easily set up the best time for moving by considering elements like time and weather.

Good and reputable regional moving companies constantly highlight more on client satisfaction. A trusted company constantly provides various kinds of services such as sturdy boxes, attractive moving strategies and a range of trucks to pick from.

Economical Moving Strategy

There are different kinds of moving plans and one can select any relying on the option and preference. Just ensure that a moving strategy needs to be economical. The main benefit of employing local moving business is that they are aware of all the paths and hence supply extremely quick service. The packing of all things or belongings constantly matters one of the most. It is really essential that one must utilize little and big boxes to accumulate their valuables. One can likewise acquire such boxes from the moving company. The cushioned boxes are especially available to manage delicate things.

Moving with a senior in your household? check our senior moving tips here.

Do Your Research

Do a comprehensive research study on the regional moving business online to pick a best one. Be sure that your company needs to be licensed and insured, so inspect it before making any last choice.

Trying to find local moving companies? Go to Big Mikes Moving Companies Queens to discover the finest of local movers in your area.

Senior Moving Tips For the Elderly

Senior Moving Tips For the Elderly

Most of the households have to move when or two times in their lives and numerous individuals experience their very first move when they are senior residents. The reasons can be quite diverse, but it is a fact that individuals, even as senior person, are moving frequently across cities and states.

Senior Moving Tips

So here are a couple of senior resident moving tips that you need to know in case you stumble upon such a situation – or you might need to move as well.

  • Take the time to adjust to the change. Living for numerous years in the very same house implies that any relocation can be a huge shock and news to digest. Individuals get connected to their homes where they’ve been living their entire lives, or spending their life with their partners. Nobody moves to another place with a simple heart and this is much more appropriate for seniors. Require a time off and learn first to change to the idea prior to you take the big step ahead in your life.
  • If your parents are moving, even if they are quite old, do not forget to involve them in the moving process. No person likes to be left beyond things, especially if it includes them straight. And elderly are a bit more powerless than others, however, that doesn’t mean they have to like it. They still feel and think similar to the rest of us, even if their bodies don’t comply the method they would like to. If you’re looking to move you can get an accurate moving quote by going here.
  • Plan and research ahead so you understand just how much the senior person will need to spend on the relocation. It is known that they are normally on set earnings which is not all that huge, so preparing ahead and finding the very best deal (without sacrificing quality) is well worth it for them. Some business have real discounts and offers when seniors are involved, so it may settle to go shopping a bit around prior to settling for the next moving company. People do not like to be out of control so they need to know at all times all the actions of the method, so do not forget to involve them even when you are searching for business. And if you need to go to rentals workplaces to talk about offers, the senior citizen will be grateful if they can tag along and feel that they are fully associated with the whole procedure.

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Complete Steps to Take to Get an Accurate Local Moving Quote

Complete Steps to Take to Get an Accurate Local Moving Quote

Getting price quotes from moving companies in Queens is a vital part of choosing which business to hire. Prior to you start the look for free quotes you should understand the steps you require to take in order to get a precise local moving quote.

Steps For A Precise Moving Quote

These steps will help guarantee the rate is as precise as possible if you just remember them and use them. Here are the actions needed for an accurate price quote so there are no undesirable surprises later on.

  1. Discover different moving companies – The initial step is to find a different moving business that provides totally free quotes. Make a list of them so you can get a quote from them easily when you have more than one business.
  2. Look over the concerns asked – Always require time to take a look at the concerns that are asked for getting a quote. This will offer you a concept of what will be required to get an accurate quote.
  3. Gather the answers – Many business bases the prices they charge on how numerous products you require them to move and the weight of the products. Prior to submitting the quote, it is constantly an excellent concept to make a list of all the products in your home that you will need them to move. This will make sure that you get as precise of a cost as you can. Also, take time best prior to filling out the quote to go over your list and make certain nothing is missing out on.
  4. Fill out the concerns – Once you have all of the information you need to respond to the concerns precisely; then fill out the concerns. Do not leave anything blank that you will need because if you do then you will not wind up with a precise rate.
  5. Send and get your quote and after that compare – You can get your quote once you have all of the questions completed and submitted. Once you have a number of estimates from various companies take some time to compare the rates and services used.

Learn more about The Perfect Movers For Your Local Move

This is the only method to be sure that you are selecting the moving company that is the very best for your particular move. It is also the finest way to be sure you pay the finest rate possible.

Now that you understand the essential actions to take so you can get an accurate local moving quote; you simply need to get begun gathering as numerous quotes as you can now. Require time to compare them and before you know it you will be working with the very best moving business to make your relocation go as smoothly as it can.

Learn more about moving in Queens here.

The Perfect Movers for Your Local Move

The Perfect Movers for Your Local Move

Movers in Queens New York

There are a lot of effective movers in Queens NY today. They would supply terrific services and ensure that they take you through the relocation step by action. They would make sure your move is trouble totally free and that there would be no stress at all. They would supply a whole range of services and would take care of all your needs if you were moving locally, making a long distance moving and even a worldwide relocation. Movers in Queens would even assist you with workplace moves. They also provide excellent services for Auto Transport. They have a variety of qualified experts who would assist with all your moving and packaging needs.

Local Movers You Can Trust

Getting settled into your new house can be rather a headache if you do not have the right individuals to assist you. You require to employ regional movers in Queens to help you with the relocation. To select the very best business its best you get a few referrals. Most companies supply terrific services at an inexpensive rate due to the fact that there are so many competitors. This doesn’t imply they will not attempt and make those extra few dollars if they can. Attempt and request a suggestion from your friends or your household. You can be rest assured that movers in Queens NY would supply fantastic services. They make regional moving extremely simple by offering different services based on your needs.

Learn more Local Moving Strategies To Minimize Costs And Stress

Moving and Packing Service

They have a couple of options to choose from, they are the standard service, the moving and complete pack service and moving with a custom-made pack service. If self packaging is your specialty then these businesses would offer packing material and boxes straight to your door. They would make sure that all your products are safe and would load all your furniture in the method which would minimize the risk of any sort of damage.

They would also send out a group of trained service technicians to dismantle and reassemble your furnishings. They would likewise offer complimentary wardrobe cartons on the day of the move. They would have a service for all your moving needs.

Whether you’re moving to a brand-new home, a home, an office or even a brand-new nation, movers in Queens NY would provide top of the line services for you.