Preparing for A Move: How to Estimate Your Moving Expenses

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Whether you're considering a cross-country relocation or a local move within the bustling borough of Queens, planning your move can save time and money. One significant aspect to focus on is undeniably the moving expenses. 

The moving company you opt for is a crucial factor affecting these costs. But how do you know if you're getting a good deal from a moving company Queens

This guide will take you through a step-by-step approach to accurately estimating your moving expenses, helping you better prepare for your upcoming move.

Estimate Your Moving Costs

It is now easier than ever to find a professional moving company in a highly competitive industry at a reasonable price.

Some moving companies offer a fixed price guarantee with no hidden charges, while others will estimate your move based on the distance and volume.

After reading this article, you'll have all the knowledge of an experienced pro when you approach companies for quotes and estimates.

How Far Will You Be Moving?

Distance between pickup and drop-off location. It all comes down to the following factors: This means:

  • Long-distance (international)
  • Cross-country (national)
  • Regional (tri-state region)
  • Cross-city (local)

Some companies will offer a more competitive price if they specialize in a particular area within a certain geographic region.

What Is the Size of Your Household?

The volume of items you plan to move is the next most important factor in determining the price. What are the items you are moving? Are any difficult pieces like a heavy piano or marble tabletops in your inventory list?

How to Calculate Moving Costs: Two Pricing Formulas

Two main methods are used to price a move. Asking movers about their pricing is one of the first questions you should ask. Volume vs. hourly. Volume vs Hourly.

Suppose a company calculates its fee based on the cubic footage of furniture to be moved rather than charging an hourly price. In that case, they will likely offer a flat rate that won't be affected by traffic issues, parking problems, or storage check-in delays.

Estimate = Volume + mileage + special complications = volume + mileage + estimate

The quote you receive from your moving company will include the price per cubic foot.

Depending on the pricing model that your mover uses, long-distance moves can be charged by weight or cubic feet. Long-distance moves may include an additional stop fee and a storage charge if the delivery is delayed. Ask for any additional fees upfront.

Some movers base their pricing on the number of hours the movers and truck will be required. You may be charged for travel between the two destinations, but you can discuss this with your moving company.

Estimate = Hourly Cost + Travel Fees

Before you commit to a formula, familiarize yourself. Our clients prefer a flat rate based on the volume so that time is not a factor, and they won't be surprised by any extra charges.

The timing of the move is important. Due to weather, holiday disruptions, or high demand, the day of the week and time of year may result in higher rates of up to 20%.

Ask your mover for discounts if your schedule is flexible. Moving is busiest from May to September. Also, the first day of the month and the last day as leases are expiring.

Your Move’s Complexity

New York is home to many pre-war structures, so movers can only book an elevator after they move. It's even more important if you are moving heavy or oversized items through a narrow staircase.

Specialty items such as pool tables, pianos, and antiques can be hazardous due to their size and weight.

Specialty items can add time to a move. They are normally itemized separately and in great detail. Your movers should be able to answer your questions about how they plan to handle any valuables and their insurance policies.

Most movers have the necessary equipment to disassemble and lift your items. However, if your move has unique challenges, you should book a company that will provide an accurate quote and explain their handling fees.

Professional moving companies have the expertise to navigate any situation and give you peace of mind knowing that your move is in capable hands.

You could save money by hiring a less-experienced mover. However, you may pay more in the long run if you need the right insurance or claim process for your family heirloom. Compare their service standard with a competitive price.

Moving & Packing Supplies Cost

You will need boxes, tape, and packing paper for your move. Good moving companies will provide blankets, mattress protector plastic, TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other supplies as part of the flat rate. These companies will pack larger items into these boxes and unpack them at the drop-off location. They'll also take back these materials.

Boxes are needed for kitchen items, books, and other household items. Depending on your budget and time, you can buy moving boxes or boxes from a moving company or mover. This second option is quicker and ensures you have the right supplies to pack your possessions safely. This also means your moving supplies are delivered right to your front door. You could waste a lot of time searching for free boxes when you could buy them at a reasonable cost.

Moving companies and retailers offer custom-made moving kits. The kits from movers include free delivery when you use them to relocate as well. The time you have to find these boxes and prepare them for the moving day can also affect your flexibility. For more information on how to find free boxes, could you read our guide?

Renting plastic moving bins is the latest packaging solution in the moving industry. The water-resistant and studier options reduce waste since no tape is needed, and you don't have to dispose of the bins afterward. Your movers will collect them once your move is complete. These boxes are available for weekly rental.

Time or a Deadline Can Be a Factor

It is reasonable to ask if you are moving because of a major life event, such as a new child, an ill relative, or a change in employment. The cost of hiring a professional to pack and unpack your entire home at the other end will add to your overall moving costs.

This is an additional cost to your budget, but it is often a consideration for people who feel that the logistics of moving would only be possible with a few extra pairs of hands.

Many moving companies offer competitive quotes for packaging and unpacking as part of the transportation package.

Find a moving company with secure storage facilities that can offer a discount if they handle all aspects of the move.

Moving Costs at the End

After all is said and done, give your movers a tip of 15-20%, depending on how big your move was and if you were satisfied with their crew.

Having cash ready before the movers arrive is best to avoid stress or awkwardness.

You can then decide if you met your expectations and their hard work deserved recognition.

It is not mandatory to tip, but it's always appreciated. You can read more about this cost here.


There are many factors to consider when estimating your moving expenses, from the size and distance of your move to the complexity and timing. To ensure a smooth process, the key is to thoroughly assess and work with professional movers in Queens, like Big Mike's Moving Companies Queens. Our expertise and value-based pricing model can help eliminate surprise costs and give you peace of mind throughout your move.

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