Must-Have Moving Supplies for Your Move

Packing Supplies

The move to a new home is thrilling, but it can also be stressful. The moving process involves packing up all of your belongings and transporting them across town or even the country. Many people overlook when they move the need for certain supplies. We've compiled a list of the must-have supplies for your move to help you get started organizing and packing your belongings into moving  boxes before transport day arrives.

You'll need some essential items like tape, bubble wrap, and markers to label boxes with what they contain. If you want to make sure nothing gets lost in transit or misplaced at your new place, this is your comprehensive guide to all the things you need for an easy, organized move.

Essential Packing Supplies You'll Need

Packing tape and scissors

Keep plenty of packing tape on hand—you'll need one roll for every two to three inches around the box, plus one more just in case. Boxes are often moved or stacked, so you'll want to be confident they won't open during transit.

Pens and Markers for Labeling Boxes

You'll also need a marker for labeling each box. If you're going to have multiple people packing or plan on tackling the project alone, use colored markers for each person in your family. That way, you'll know whose belongings are in which boxes when it comes time to unpack at your new residence.

Labels to Identify What Room Items Belong In

It might seem obvious, but you'll need labels to indicate what room items are destined for at your new home. Whether you decide on color-coded stickers or larger signs, be sure to have plenty of them on hand so you can label everything before it's time to load the truck.

Disinfectant Wipes or Household Cleaner: To Clean Your Items, Moving Boxes, and Inside Your New Home

You'll be unpacking your boxes at your new residence, so you'll want to make sure that the box content will not contaminate the kitchen table. Disinfectant wipes or a household cleaner spray bottle can help you clean up any messes before moving day.

A Protective Mat for Your Front Door’s Welcome Mat

While you don't have to include a welcome mat in your moving supplies list, it's good to have one on hand so the family members responsible for lugging boxes through the house will know where they can and cannot stand or sit.

Rubber Gloves, Trash Bags, Paper Towels, Dish Soap, and Laundry Detergent

You'll most likely be doing some cleaning before you unpack all your boxes so these supplies will come in handy. Toilet paper is also essential when nature calls!

Moving Boxes: Necessary for Packing up All Your Belongings

When packaging up your things, it's best to use the original boxes if you have them. Reusing old cardboard boxes or containers will save you a little money, and they're usually in excellent condition if they've been carefully stored away. You can also purchase new packing boxes of different sizes from a moving company or hire them to drop off some. Make sure you have sturdy ones for heavy items.

Bubble Wrap or Other Protective Materials to Cushion Fragile Items in Your Boxes

For protecting your most valuable items during transport, bubble wrap is the way to go. You can purchase this in large rolls or select things like packing peanuts or plastic bags to fill empty spaces between boxes for extra protection.

Packing Peanuts, Paper, or Bubble Wrap: To Secure Fragile Items

Moving blankets will be good to secure items in boxes and protect your furniture if you plan on storing your things in storage units rather than moving them right into their new home.

A Wardrobe Box (Or Two) If You’re Bringing Clothes With You

If you have a lot of clothes to pack, consider investing in wardrobe boxes. This type of box is specially made for hanging clothes, keeping them wrinkle-free. If you don't like the idea of cardboard touching your clothing, check with local dry cleaners to see if they offer storage services or ask friends or family members if you can store your things in their homes while you're settling into your new place.

Mattress Bags to Ensure That Any Bedding Stays Clean

You might also want to consider keeping mattresses and pillows stored in the original packaging or mattress bags (which help keep them dust-free). You can purchase these from a moving company or get them delivered.

Padding to Secure Tall Items Like Lamps and Framed Art

To ensure that your tall items such as lamps and mirrors don't break during transit, wrap each piece of furniture with padding (furniture pads, bubble wrap, or even old towels) before securing it in its moving box. That will also help protect it when placing it inside the moving truck.

 If you've been dreading your move because of the stress and logistics involved, we hope this blog post has helped alleviate some of those worries. While every situation is different, these few must-have moving supplies can make your next relocation easier. Moving Companies Queens would love to hear from you! We are happy to help if you want more tips about preparing for a successful move.

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