Things to Do When Moving House

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Preparing a checklist and following it religiously can help make moving much easier; especially in a busy city like New York. To make sure you do not forget anything, here are a few things to do when moving your house:

Make a Checklist

Over a hundred things are running in your mind before you move out of your current house. How about making a checklist of all the necessary actionable items and ensuring all of them are completed. Making a checklist would not only help you remember everything that needs to be done but also reiterates every item that is still pending and must be completed before moving.

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Start making your checklist with little things; such as boxing up your clothes, shoes and other wearable accessories, emptying the fridge from perishable items, packing any furniture items, etc. You can list down new things to purchase for the new house, things you want to sell before moving, and anything else that will require a period longer than packing. Once you start checking off items from the list, you'll be able to measure your progress towards the final goal.

Start Packing a Month Before

It is always better to be prepared for moving beforehand. The first step is to start packing your belongings from the current house and plan eviction date in a month. Start with items you will not be using immediately. These items include the attic furniture, the basement cabinets, your bedroom accessories that are only meant for decor and your favorite china dishes in the kitchen. Once you start boxing your items, you will identify which items need to be moved earlier and which can be kept till the very last day. Furthermore, you will not feel overburdened with all the packing in the final days or exhausted with stress when you see that you're not ready to move. Let's not extend the moving day any longer than it's meant to be!

Always Label & Never Trust Memory!

We've all been in situations where we tell ourselves that we'll remember something, even if we don't write it down. Guess what; we never do. Let's all skip the hassle and label every box we pack, every package we make, and every bag we carry to the new house. This will help identify all luggage without constantly opening and closing the bags. Make sure your labels are elaborate for remembrance. For instance, never label all kitchen items as “fragile”. Maybe you can add a label for yourself, such as “spoons, knives and forks” under the main “fragile” one. Make sure you keep all labels with yourself too. So take photos or make an online document of all your labels. This will help you verify which boxes have reached the new house and which ones are left.

Make an Inventory


Although you've created the checklist for carrying out all relevant tasks, but what about keeping track of the items and ensuring they've been delivered to the new house? Make an inventory of all the items you have and categorize the items as per rooms of your current house. It's better to make the list on excel or any other program where typing and entering data will be easier. Once the inventory is complete, you can print it and check all items which you've delivered and seen in the new house.

It is common to lose your belongings during moving or simply forgetting them in the old house. An inventory will help you classify all items, place them in the same order in your new home and ensure there is no loss of anything significant. Otherwise, it is just impossible to remember everything you own and will move to the new bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even the TV lounge!

Take Photos of the Old and New House

It is important to remember your old setting and then improve or replicate it in the new house. Again, do not rely completely on memory! You must have lived in your house for a few years but you'll start forgetting how the placement was. It's always safer to take loads of pictures of the old house and then of the new space. If you want to visualize how to setup the new house, you can take pictures of it, bring them back and evaluate how your furniture and other items can be placed.

Photos will also help you make any changes you want to before moving in. For instance, changing the paint of your new bedroom walls or changing your bed because a smaller one would fit the new bedroom better. Photos give a better chance at visualizing your future living position and altering it as per your choice.

Follow these simple tips and make sure your moving is simple, efficient and enjoyable. Don't over-exhaust yourself into thinking the process is overwhelming; because the new house is your new beginning! That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable company who has experience in the industry.

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